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'Magic' 35p solution removes limescale and grime from shower heads in 'an hour'

Over time, mineral deposits, also known as limescale, can block the nozzles in shower heads which can lead to poor water pressure.

If your water pressure or flow has significantly changed, it’s likely your shower head is clogged or blocked.

Shower heads need to be cleaned around once a month to remove limescale and bacteria. However, those living in hard water areas may need to descale their shower heads more often.

While there are plenty of chemical solutions out there for cleaning shower heads, these can be pricey.

Now, an expert at leading bathroom retailer, Wholesale Domestic has shared a simple way to clean shower heads with a household staple that costs as little as 35p.

CEO of Wholesale Domestic Brian Toward said 60 percent of the UK live in a hard water area which means their taps and showers are more prone to limescale buildup.

Brian explained: “The shower head is often forgotten about and it’s not until you’re standing underneath it mid-shower that you notice all the grime that’s built up.

“If you live in a hard water area, limescale can build up fairly quickly.”

However, Brian has said that people can easily clean their shower heads using distilled white vinegar instead of using harsh chemicals.

He said: “Distilled white vinegar is the answer to cleaning your shower head and addressing your limescale problems.

“Pour the white vinegar into a zip lock sandwich bag with your unscrewed shower head until the head is fully submerged. Leave it to soak for at least an hour to work its magic.

“After an hour, remove it from the bag and spray it with your favourite disinfectant before blasting the shower at a hot temperature to get rid of any excess residue.”

Distilled white vinegar costs 35p from Tesco, 40p from Sainsbury’s and £2 from B&Q.


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