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MAFS’ Paul Brunson messages Alexis to apologise after matching her with Jordon and hints things aren’t what they seem


MARRIED At First Sight expert Paul C Brunson has revealed he messaged bride Alexis apologising for pairing her with groom Jordon.

The pair tied the knot on Monday night’s show but it was quickly apparent that they weren’t the best match.


Married at First Sight’s Alexis confronted Jordon over his true feelings last night[/caption]


The Welshman insisted he was attracted to her even if she wasn’t his usual type[/caption]

Last night viewers watched as Jordon said his perfect woman would be blonde with blue eyes – the opposite of brunette Alexis.

While on social media it was revealed that Jordon dumped his girlfriend of 11 years to go on the show only to go running back to her days before the the first episode aired.

Writing on Twitter, relationship coach Paul responded to a fan who found it hard to watch Jordon outlining his ‘type’.

He replied: “I agree. It was terrible. I even sent her a direct message tonight to apologize. That said, I had little patience for Jordon while we were filming and you’ll clearly hear my opinion about him on Thursday’s commitment ceremony. #MAFSUK.”

When a friend of Jordon’s ex then told him about his behaviour in the run-up to the show, Paul asked how she was and called it “terrible”.

The friend replied: “Heartbroken but keeping her head up. It’s crazy the extent his lies have gone.”

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