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Macron's record dismantled as France plunged into new lockdown 'He's been a disaster'


Emmanuel Macron has ordered France into a third national lockdown as he admitted the country was on the verge of “losing control” of coronavirus. His announcement on Wednesday evening came as intensive care units in the hardest-hit regions of France reached breaking point amid a stalling vaccination rollout. Commenting on the developments across the Channel, ITV This Morning guest Matthew Wright branded Mr Macron’s leadership a “disaster.” 

Mr Wright said: “Macron has a leader he has been a disaster the last few weeks.

“He has not been responding to concerns and the calls of the French people.

“France is also geographically divided over coronavirus it seems to be much worse in the more-populated north than it is in the south.

“Just across the border Germany’s got problems there are a couple of German states that are already saying maybe the whole country should go into lockdown.”

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Touching on the EU’s vaccine supply crisis, he continued: “It is also combined with a degree of frustration that the EU system is not supplying vaccines to its member states at the rate that they would like.

“Ursula von der Leyen would argue that they are not proving the vaccines they are contracted to do so.

“But it is more nuanced than that I think.

“It is poor leadership and the notion that individual states are turning away from the EU, Austria buying its vaccines from Russia.”

He said: “This variant which was identified for the first time from our British neighbours at the end of last year. 

“And to a certain extent, of course, gave rise to an epidemic within the epidemic and that is greater than last spring. 

“So, therefore, there’s no metropolitan region that now has been saved from it and it’s also more dangerous than in the autumn so it means that the virus is [not only] more contagious but also can kill. 

“In fact, intensive care services are now having to deal with people who are healthy.”


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