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M25 traffic latest: M25 closed as lorry hangs off bridge over A2 – miles of tailbacks


Drivers have been warned to expect delays for up to an hour while emergency workers deal with the incident. Highways England issued a warning to motorists on social media, and posted photos of the scene. Shocking snaps show the lorry’s wheels hanging off the bridge. The vehicle appears to have smashed through barriers as it jackknifed. 

One picture shows the passenger door open. It is not yet clear what goods, if any, the lorry is transporting. 

All traffic is being directed via the Darenth Interchange roundabout. 

Highways England said: “There are delays in excess of one hour on A2 in both directions approaching Darenth Interchange and also on M25 in both directions approaching J2 due to this incident.

“Allow plenty of extra time if planning on travelling in the area and consider alternate routes if possible.”

A complex recovery operation is underway and the road is closed.

Police and traffic officers remain at the scene. 

No injuries have been reported. 

The crash appears to have caused significant damage to the bridge’s safety barriers. 

This is a breaking story…more to follow


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