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Love Island’s Laura Whitmore sparks fury over ‘disrespectful’ Jack Grealish question to Lillie


LOVE Island fans were fuming last night after host Laura Whitmore asked a “disrespectful” question about Jack Grealish.

The reunion show’s host, who once publicly ranted at a journalist for asking her agent a question about her baby, posed what many thought were intrusive questions to Lillie Haynes.

Laura Whitmore asked Lillie Haynes: ‘Jack Grealish – what’s going on?’
The Casa Amor girl was shown with her head in her hands on Love Island: The Reunion

The England footballer, who is in a relationship with model Sasha Attwood, had liked some of Lillie’s pictures.

Laura told her: “I want to know where you’re at because I’ve spotted some pictures, yes I’ve seen them. Jack Grealish – what’s going on? We saw pictures – what’s going on?”

Looking embarassed, the Casa Amor stunner replied: “Nothing.”

Laura went on: “Nothing, OK. We saw pictures of you with another Jack – Jack from Casa Amor.”

She just replied silent as the host told her: “I was just thinking maybe you and a Jack and Millie and Liam. You could go on a double date?”

But one fans wrote: “Bit awkward of Laura Whitmore who has pleaded for paps to leave her alone in the last to say to Lillie, ‘We’ve all seen the pictures, what about Jack Grealish.’”

Another wrote: “Was defo inappropriate for Laura to ask Lillie about Jack Grealish on live tv he has a girlfriend.”

One other posted: “I hope Jack Grealish’s girlfriend is able to cope well with the aftermath of Laura Whitmores disrespectful questioning. What happened to ‘be kind’ ???”

A fourth said: “How disrespectful. Jack Grealish has a girlfriend. These rumours must cause so much mental stress and heartache.

“How can you add fuel to the fire when it’s someone’s personal life. What happened to be kind?”

Lillie, who shared a kiss with Liam and the Casa Amor stage no fewer that three times, was brought onto the stage with the couple for an awkward exchange.

The lad had seemed torn about whether to ditch Millie for the new arrival but eventually opted to return to the main villa single.

However, the truth about what he had got up to came out in a matter of minutes causing a major bump in the road for the eventual Love Island winners.

Lillie was brought on the show for an awkward encounter with Liam and Millie

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