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Love Island’s Dr Alex George reveals animal tattoo and tribute to his patients who died


LOVE Island star Dr Alex George has revealed two new tattoo tributes today.

The mental health ambassador got a small heart on his wrist to honour those who have died during the coronavirus pandemic.


Dr Alex George has got two new tattoos[/caption]


They both have poignant meanings[/caption]

He has been working on the frontline in A&E for the duration, treating, and sadly losing, people with the condition.

Further up his arm he got the outline of a penguin as a reminder to pull together in times of struggle, which is particularly fitting on the day Russia invaded Ukraine.

Thoughtful Alex shared a picture of him the tattooist’s chair alongside close-ups of his designs.

He wrote: “The 💙 has always been a symbol of hope for me and reflects a sense of shared unity and togetherness,” he wrote. “I got this tattoo to pay tribute to everyone who lost their lives over the last few years, both patients I looked after personally as well as loved ones of those around the country who I have never met. We will remember you x.”

Turning his attention to the conflict in Eastern Europe, he continued: “With the terrible events of today it is an overwhelming reminder of the importance of sticking together in order to weather the hard times.

“Penguins are incredibly resilient, not due to individual strength but because when the cold winds inevitably come, they huddle together to weather the storm.

“They understand the importance of caring for one’s neighbour. That is what we must do now. Let’s pull together and look after each other and remember there is always hope of a better day 🐧.”

Alex recently split from his girlfriend Ellie Hetch after a year of dating.

The Love Island star only made their relationship insta-official in June and the former couple recently jetted off on holiday to Mauritius and adopted a new puppy, Freddie, together.

“Alex and Ellie tried everything to make it work but sometimes it’s just not meant to be,” said their friend.

“They have now gone their separate ways after a very emotional phone conversation.

“Ellie will be keeping Freddie and has moved her stuff out of Alex’s new flat.

“It’s heartbreaking for everyone and Alex is determined they stay friends.”

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Dr Alex and barrister’s clerk Ellie Hetch have split[/caption]

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