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Louise Redknapp fumes as ex Jamie Redknapp is praised for parenting skills ‘How amazing'


Louise Redknapp, 46, has vented her frustration over “double standards” after ex-husband Jamie Redknapp, 47, was hailed a “great dad” for taking their two children on holiday. The former Eternal singer split from the football pundit back in 2017 and has now shared her annoyance that she was not praised for her dedication to looking after Charlie, 16, and Beau, 12.

She revealed: “This is of no unkindness towards Jamie at all, he’s a great dad. 

“But… it was like, ‘Oh, look how amazing, he’s taking his children on holiday, what an amazing man’.”

She continued: “And I would sit there at home going, ‘For 15 years I’ve taken my kids away on our own when he’s been working. 15 years, not one person has ever said well done to me’.

“So, it’s just these double standards that are out there and I’m not even placing blame. I think it’s just the way we’ve all conditioned ourselves to think,” she added to Headliners on BBC.

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“It’s been five months and no reply,” she added.

Louise was baffled by the radio silence and it left her wondering what she had done wrong.

The television star continued: “I’m just sitting here wondering what was it that I said? Are bike rides that unattractive?

“Basically, this is a way to say the new world of dating is so opaque and difficult to navigate.”

The mum of two admitted that it was “difficult” to be a singleton in the modern landscape.

She explained: “It’s easy to feel you’ve done or said something wrong, when in reality it’s not on you.”

Since her split with Jamie, both parties had remained single until Jamie began dating again last August when he was first seen out with Frida.

Frida has modelled for brands including Escape and is signed to Mrs Robinson Management, an agency for older models.


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