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Louise Minchin talks struggling to reach out to friends as she discusses horrible messages


BBC Breakfast star Louise Minchin, 52, has revealed she sometimes struggles to reach out to her friends for support. The journalist made the admission while speaking to triathlete Claire Danson and her podcast co-host Annie Emmerson about how horrible messages on social media can be harmful.

Claire advocated speaking out and getting help from pals during difficult times.

She explained: “If you can do that for someone, a two second message just to say – you know a friend, even a stranger – just to say ‘I’m here, how are you doing?’ 

“And again, that links with that kind of community and that spirit of needing people around.

“We can make or break someone’s day with just being kind to them.”

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Speaking on the the second of two anniversary Her Spirit podcast episodes, Louise agreed with Claire, but admitted she needs to work on opening up about her problems to those who are closest to her.

She replied: “I think you’re making a really good point there, and Annie, who was it on our podcast who said, ‘talk to yourself like you would your best friend?’ 

“You’d never tell your best friend horrid stuff would you? I wouldn’t!”

Annie added: “I just think what Claire has said has left me with this sort of lovely, but sad, feeling in my tummy that I think we all beat ourselves up.


The host then urged people to focus on the kind messages they are sent on social media, as they mean so much more.

Louise said: “And I know Deborah for example, you get tonnes of messages and it’s very easy isn’t it to remember the one that’s horrible.

“But those little messages, people have taken time out of their day to say something nice to you and actually that’s the massive thing, isn’t it?”

Louise previously wrote in her column for the Daily Mail that she took a break from social media last year following advice from her daughters, Mia, 18, and Scarlett, 15.

She penned at the time: “I’ve taken a step back, I can see that what started as an innocuous pastime had become almost addictive. 

“I couldn’t stop myself reading the incessant comments, despite nasty personal jibes aimed at me. 

“It felt like I’d left the front door to my house wide open for anyone to walk in and shout horrible things. 

“After a three-month break, it feels like I’ve managed to close that door.”


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