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Lotto results LIVE: What are the winning numbers for National Lottery March 10 draw?


Last week was a hefty one for the National Lottery, with draws over the last few days totalling tens of millions of pounds. Euromillions’ jackpot on March 9 sat at £37 million, and tonight, the Lotto jackpot is a slightly more modest £2 million.

When are the Lotto numbers drawn?

The Lotto results are drawn twice a week, every Wednesday and Saturday evening.

For tonight’s draw, on March 10, 2021, the competition will close at 7.30pm, meaning that you won’t be able to secure your place in the draw after that time.

The numbers for the lottery tend to be released around an hour later, usually at about 8.30pm, but it can vary ever so slightly.

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How do you buy a National Lottery ticket or claim a prize?

All National Lottery customers have the option of purchasing their tickets for the draw either online on their official website or through a physical seller.

Those who have bought a physical ticket from an off-licence or supermarket can scan it using the National Lottery app, which will confirm whether or not they have a prize to claim.

They can also opt to check their ticket in-store, although the National Lottery don’t recommend this.

The app will then confirm whether they have a prize to claim.

Those who buy a ticket online via the app will receive an email informing them of their success.

Anyone who enters will have a limited time to claim their prize, however.

The National Lottery gives people a window of 180 days to come forward, starting the day after the draw.

People will receive smaller prizes straight into their bank account but have to use National Lottery terminals to accept amounts between £500 and £50,000.

Anyone who wins over £30,000 must call the claim line for a cheque, and prizes of £50,000 require an in-person visit.


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