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Lotto results April 3 LIVE: What are the winning Lotto numbers tonight?


Lotto is back this Saturday with a huge jackpot up for grabs – and as the saying goes, it could be you! Tonight’s £12.4 million is a Must Be Won jackpot, meaning it cannot roll over to next week.

A Must Be Won draw occurs after the Lotto jackpot has not been won for five consecutive draws.

Even if no one gets all six winning numbers, on a Must Be Won Draw, the money will be shared between all other players who match two or more numbers – also known as a roll down.

Not many would say no to a life-changing cash injection right now – and tonight the Lotto is giving you the chance to win big with a whopping £12.4 million on offer.

With just the small price of £2 to play, the money could easily be yours.

Karen Dakin from Ipswich said of her big win: “It was a usual Saturday evening, relaxing in front of the TV with a drink or two. But as I watched the draw results live on TV I immediately knew they were my numbers.

“I’ve always picked numbers special to me, including my son Callum’s date of birth – the year and the time – so I instantly recognised the winning numbers.

“What an amazing turn of events – my son has, in some strange way, helped give me the most amazing Mother’s Day gift of all time.”

The National Lottery runs multiple games across the week – other games you can play include EuroMillions, Thunderball and Set for Life.


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