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Lord Blunkett demands fortnightly review on lockdown 'Why shops but no restaurants?'


Speaking to LBC host Nick Ferrari, former Home Secretary Lord Blunkett launched a scathing review of Boris Johnson’s lockdown easing timetable. He tore apart the logic of the entire programme and demanded a fortnightly review of the easing strategy. He questioned why if Britons “can go into a shop, why can’t you go into a restaurant” and attacked the inconsistencies with what members of the public are allowed to do.

Lord Blunkett said: “I think we could do this more logically.

“If you can go into a shop, why can’t you go inside to a restaurant if that restaurant is following, rigidly, the separation rules and doing what they were doing in the autumn.”

The former Home Secretary added: “What looks logical? Is it logical to be able to go to the gym but not to book as a group? 

“If you can go to the gym then are there other things we should be expecting to do?”

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He went on to explain he would have brought in a fortnightly review on lockdown easing instead of the Prime Minister’s current timetable of easing dates.

The current dates of Covid rules easing are April 12 (Monday) then May 17, with total easing expected to take place by June 21.

Lord Blunkett went on to lambast the Government who have previously insisted “we are not doing it by date apparently”.

He humorously concluded: “But of course we are.”

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However, proof of vaccination isn’t completely out of the question for Brits, as the idea is still being considered by officials.

A recent Government review stated it could potentially have a role to play in the hospitality sector.

Individual pubs, restaurants and so on could actually choose for their customers to prove their vaccination status.

Gyms in Scotland are due to re-open on April 26,  in Wales it will be May 3 and it is not been announced when they will be back in Northern Ireland.


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