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‘Look brand new’: Mrs Hinch fans share how to clean ‘grim’ discoloured pillows – ‘great’


Mrs Hinch fans often share cleaning tips on dedicated Facebook forums, including how to clean pillows. Posting on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page, Julia Crane wrote: “Does anyone have any tips for discoloured pillows? I know they are inside their pillow cases so you can’t see the inside but I know they look grim.”

Pillow discolouration is often caused by sweat, which happens after the face or head rests against it for several hours at a time.

Cosmetics, hair products and face products could also cause yellow stains.

While it is recommended to buy new pillows every so often, Mrs Hinch fans have shared methods for cleaning them.

Sophie May wrote: “I’m currently washing mine in the washing machine. 

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It was also advised to get pillow protectors so they last longer without turning yellow.

Mrs Hinch fans also shared how to clean mattresses on the same social media page.

Kirsty Harris wrote: “Any mattress cleaning tips for stains?”

Ffion Bloomfield wrote: “Flash bicarbonate spray. Once it dries, sprinkle bicarb powder all over.

“Leave that as long as you can and then hoover.”

Natalie Evans commented: “Flash bicarb 100 percent, spray a little and rub.”

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