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London's Blackheath hit by 'serious disorder' – Police urged 'take your children home NOW'


Royal Greenwich leader and Labour Party councillor for Shooters Hill Dan Thorpe tweeted: “We are aware of serious disorder on #blackheath and @Royal_Greenwich are liaising closely with @MPSGreenwich. There is significant disruption in the area and will continue to be for some time. Please avoid the area and keep checking our socials for updates.”

“If your child is in the #blackheath area – or you don’t know where they are – please make urgent contact. Make sure they go home asap.

“This is an urgent message to parents & carers across @Royal_Greenwich – we appreciate your help.”

Labour MP for Greenwich and Woolwich Matthew Pennycook also tweeted: “I’m aware of the large-scale disorder taking place on Circus Field, Blackheath.

“The police are deploying extra resource. Please avoid the area.

“If you believe your child is at the funfair or in the area, please ask them to return home immediately.”

One person who had taken their children to the fun fair in Blackheath said people present had told him they had seen “someone having acid thrown on them and set alight”.

He claimed police had also been attacked.

Sean Ash (@SeanAshXtraMile) tweeted: Took the kids to Blackheath fun fair and it’s been shut down.

“Spoke to some people there who witnessed someone having acid thrown on them and set alight.

“We witnessed police being attacked too. Must be a thousand youngsters there.”

One concerned parent wrote on Twitter: “My poor son was there with in-laws. Only 4.

“Disgusting pigs like this ruin it for others.

“Need ID scanners upon entry or to refuse big, big groups of teens entry.”


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