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London sex attack horror as police hunt predator who ‘waits near tube station’


Police are appealing for information on an individual who lurks near a London Tube station to prey on lone women. Their request comes following three incidents near Dollis Hill in the north-west of the city.

Assaults took place on three consecutive weekends near Dollis Hill station, where the predator reportedly stalked and groped his victims. 

Scotland Yard report that officers are treating the three attacks as linked.

At 11.25pm on Saturday, August 28, a 30-year-old woman was followed by a male and sexually assaulted on Fleetwood Road, Brent.

A second attack occurred eight days later, where on September 5, a 21-year-old woman was sexually assaulted in nearby Ellesmere Road just after 10pm, but a member of the public bravely intervened and as a result the suspect ran away.

Six days later, a third attack occurred also in Ellesmere Road, where at 10.15pm on September 11, another 21-year-old was sexually assaulted.

As previously, the suspect fled after a member of the public stepped in.

The description of the predator from all three victims describes the man as mixed race, of slim build and with facial stubble.

For all three incidents, the male was said to be wearing dark clothing. 

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The officer leading the investigation, Detective Inspector Jonny Newell said the assaults took place “on a weekend, at a similar time and in very close proximity to both the Underground and each other”.

DI Newell said: “It is clear that the perpetrator is waiting at or near the Tube station with the sole purpose of seeking out women to follow to a secluded area before he carries out his attacks.

“On each occasion the victims have managed to raise the alarm, causing their attacker to flee the scene.

“We are incredibly grateful to the two members of the public who came to their assistance.


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