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Lockdown rules changing THIS WEEK – Everything to know about what you can do from March 29


The end of lockdown was unveiled last month by Prime Minister Boris Johnson. His step-by-step plan essentially tracks the progress of lockdown easing including the repealing of restrictions such as social distancing and reopening of closed sectors of society. Schools and colleges reopened on March 8 and the last stage will see all legal limits lifted by June 21. But what can you do from March 29?

Lockdown officially began for the third time in England in January after cases surged during the winter season.

In late December, new daily cases spiked to hit more than 50,000 in a single day.

Since the lockdown began the rate of new cases has slowed, with 5,587 new positive cases reported on March 20.

Mr Johnson’s roadmap outlines how restrictions will be eased, depending on if virus rates, hospitalisations and the vaccination efforts remain in line with Government expectations.

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Travel abroad

Travel abroad is still strictly prohibited at this time except for a limited number of reasons.

Holidays abroad will not be allowed, given it will remain important to manage the risk of imported variants and protect the vaccination programme.

The Government has launched a new taskforce to review global travel which will report on April 12.

Parent and child groups

All children will be allowed to access any outdoor childcare and supervised activities.

Parent and child groups can take place outdoors with up to 15 people allowed.

Children aged under five do not count towards this limit.


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