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Lockdown ending calendar: A clear guide to what you can do when in the UK


On March 8, schools reopened, the first indication that the long and interminable lockdown placed over the UK amid a major surge in coronavirus vases before Christmas will eventually be eased. Now, as the vaccine rollout continues and hospitalisations and deaths reduce dramatically, the nation looks toward the chance to see loved ones and get out a bit more.

A complete guide to the end of lockdown:

Note all the dates are the current plan for the earliest possible easing and are subject to change.

DATE: March 29
What you can do:

  • Gather outdoors (in public or a private garden) with five other people, or your household plus one other household (even if that ends up being more than six people).

  • Play sports like tennis and basketball as facilities reopen.

  • Play organised adult and children’s sports like local football.

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Note that, in the final stage, some social distancing and face coverings will still be mandatory.

Before the fourth step, ministers will carry out a review into social distancing and other “long-term measures”.

These will be designed to reduce transmission, including the “one metre plus” rule and the wearing of face coverings.

They will also consider whether to lift the “work from home” guidance, which the government says people should continue to follow until the review has been completed.


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