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Lockdown end: Expert predicts new normal – ‘Covid will remain a threat… perhaps forever'


Other areas which will change in a “new normal” post-Covid world will include guidance around mass events and indoor places according to the virologist.

He said it is likely there will be “changes and more caution there”, adding: “I would think that many people will be more careful out of their own motivation after the experience with COVID-19.”

Additionally, he said, “food, self-service and buffets may be organised differently.”

But it is not only social interaction and events which will be changed forever.

Professor Michaelis said new variants and the return of the virus would also remain a sinister threat.

The professor told Express.co.uk: “In a way, we will have to learn what we can do without causing further COVID-19 spikes or even waves.

“If the situation gets out of hand, restrictions will need to be reintroduced, and we will have to learn to do better.

“We already see new virus variants emerging that can infect individuals, who already had been infected, and that are not covered by the current vaccines.

“Moreover, COVID-19 vaccines will most probably only protect individuals for a limited time, perhaps between six months and a few years.

“Therefore, it is likely that we will get used to yearly COVID-19 vaccinations in a similar way as we know it from the annual flu jab.”

In the future, the only way to keep the survival of the virus under control is “suppression to very low numbers” according to Professor Michaelis.


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