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Loch Ness Monster sighting reported from 5,300 miles away – in CHINA


THE first ever Loch Ness Monster sighting from China has been reported.

Weiming Jiang spotted Nessie from 5,300 miles away in Jiaozhou City via a webcam.


Weiming Jiang from China has reported the first-ever Loch Ness Monster sighting via webcam[/caption]

Gary Campbell, recorder of the Official Loch Ness Monster Sightings Register, said: “She saw a black dot, then two, very close to the shore.

“They moved on the water for six minutes.

“It is the first accepted sighting we have had from China but just shows you can see Nessie from anywhere in the world.”

Gary has logged 14 sightings this year, including nine by a webcam overlooking the Scottish loch.

One came from Matt Reddick in Dallas, Texas. Another was from Eoin O’Faodhagain in Co Donegal, Ireland.

Last month the Scanlon family from Hillingdon, West London, were on a boat when its sonar pinged something up to four metres long, 20 metres down.

Last year there were 13 sightings.

Over the centuries 1,143 have been recorded.

But the most famous Nessie photograph, taken in 1934, was later revealed during a deathbed confession to be fake.

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