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Lizzo slams haters who dissed her viral see-through dress after she twerked for fans while wearing it


LIZZO slammed haters who dissed her viral see-through dress.

The 33-year-old caught the attention of trolls after she twerked for fans while wearing the revealing ensemble.

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Lizzo clapped back at trolls who criticized her bold dress[/caption]


The star defended her decision to twerk in the gown[/caption]

While attending Cardi B’s 29th birthday party on Monday, Lizzo stunned in a completely sheer Matthew Reisman Collection dress that was made entirely of iridescent crystals.

The rapper was clearly feeling herself, as she took to Instagram to share a number of photos of the look.

In one photo she put her booty on full display as she looked back at the camera, while another picture caught her looking directly at the camera as she clutched her breasts.

Lizzo captioned the post: “I wore jimmy choos for the record 😤


She continued to show off the gorgeous dress in a following post, which showed Lizzo twerking directly at the camera.

The Juice songstress captioned the video: “A soft twerk to bless ya timeline🍑✨

While many of the musician’s fans and friends took to the comments section to praise Lizzo for her moves, others didn’t take to her twerking in such a positive way.

She quickly clapped back at trolls that slammed the daring dress.


During a recent Instagram Live, the singer said: “It’s very funny to me that people are upset that I’m wearing a see-through outfit or that I’m twerking in a see-through outfit.”

Lizzo continued: “They’re saying, ‘This is disgusting… Don’t you have bills to pay? Don’t you got mouths to feed, including your own? Don’t you have a life to live? Don’t you want to fall in love and make friends? Don’t you got s**t to do?’

“Go read the news, bitch, before I read you, h*e. The f**k! Why are you worried about me?”

Her angry rant continued as she pulled down her pants and faced her behind to the camera, slapping her butt multiple times.

“Kiss my a**. Kiss my fat Black a**, bitch,” she said.


The body positive star has never been afraid to proudly flaunt her figure.

According to People, she said during a recent conversation hosted by Dove for the brand’s Self-Esteem Project: “I have nothing to hide. There’s no shame anymore.

“I just post myself. It’s like, you take me as I am. You don’t have to love me.”


Lizzo wore the dress to Cardi B’s recent birthday bash[/caption]


She documented the night on social media[/caption]

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Lizzo defended her decision to wear the dress during a heated Instagram Live video[/caption]


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