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LIV golf star Ian Poulter issues Masters statement after turning up to play at Augusta

Outspoken LIV Golf defector Ian Poulter has made it clear that he won’t be taking part in this year’s Masters, despite being seen at Augusta playing a full round this week.

Poulter caused a stir after being spotted teeing up at the famous golf course, just weeks before the 2024 Masters is set to get under way.

The presence of the 48-year-old caused a flurry of speculation, with fans predicting that the cult icon had been able to wrangle an invite to the tournament via event organisers. It led Poulter himself to publicly issue some measure of clarification.

“For clarity I will not be playing The Masters this year,” Poulter announced on social media.

He added: “I was invited to play by a member and it was in incredible condition. I last played the tournament in 2021. And that will be my last competitive Masters. I had a chance in 2019 and came up short. I have no regrets at all. I had 9 Top 25 finishes in the 16 I played. Only missed the cut once. It’s a truly special place.”

Poulter’s presence in the 2021 edition of the Masters marked his 16th time in the competition. During his tenure at Augusta, he managed to secure three top-ten finishes.

Since its start in 2022, Poulter has been involved with the breakaway Saudi-backed rebel tour LIV Golf. This Ryder Cup legend is one of many top golfers who have moved to the splinter tour.

Talks remain ongoing between LIV Golf, the PGA Tour, and the DP World Tour about a possible merger in the future.

Poulter has no time for those players reversing their negative views about LIV Golf however, making this clear in a social media post which was perceived as a thinly veiled dig at fellow star Rory McIlroy.

Poulter said: “Being two-faced is a terrible trait.

“I’d be embarrassed having to change my story now and try and look smart. I’m happy to sit down and have it out. I will happily say it as it is. Enough of the b*******.”

McIlroy, who remained loyal to the PGA Tour and will compete at Augusta, was an early critic of LIV Golf but has now somewhat softened his stance.

“I think at this point, I was maybe a little judgmental of the guys who went to LIV golf at the start, and I think it was a bit of a mistake on my part because I now realise that not everyone is in my position or in Tiger Wood’s position,” admitted McIlroy.

“We all turn professionals to making a living playing the sports that we do, and I think that’s what I realised over the last two years. I can’t judge people for making that decision, so if I regret anything, it was probably being too judgmental at the start.”

McIlroy further explained: “I’ve gone through the last two years with this altruistic approach where I’ve looked at the world the way I’ve wanted to see it.

“Ultimately, you can say what you want and do what you want, but at the end of the day, you’re not going to be able to change people’s minds.

“You’re never going to make them decide based on what you say. I wouldn’t say I’ve lost the fight against LIV, but I’ve just accepted the fact that this is part of our sport now.”


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