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Little-known trick that can ease hay fever symptoms this summer

Summer brings the promise of warmer weather, and with it, the excitement for sunny days ahead.

However, the rise in temperatures also marks the onset of hay fever, a condition that tends to worsen during this season. Recent data shows that Google searches for this bothersome allergy have surged by 46 percent in the past week in the UK.

Sleep specialists at Happy Beds have pointed out that hay fever symptoms often intensify at night. To help sufferers cope, they’ve recommended an increase in the consumption of garlic, a beloved ingredient in meals for many.

Why do I need to eat more garlic – and chilli?

It may be surprising to read, but the food you consume can either exacerbate or alleviate your allergies. Consuming sugary, starchy, and dairy products can lead to increased mucus production, worsening symptoms, so it’s best to avoid these before sleeping.

Experts suggest that foods rich in immune-boosting vitamin E, like fish and eggs, can be beneficial as they lower the risk of upper respiratory infections. Natural spices such as ginger, chilli, and garlic are also advantageous due to their high vitamin C content, which can enhance lung function.

However, it’s advisable to steer clear of alcohol, as it not only causes dehydration but also generates histamine, the same substance released during an allergic reaction.

Why is my hay fever worse at night?

Experts explain that during the day, warm air rises, carrying pollen with it. As the air cools down, the pollen descends and settles on various surfaces, which can worsen hay fever symptoms. However, there are methods to alleviate this problem.

They recommend showering before bed and washing your hair, as pollen tends to adhere to hair. Cleansing your hair before sleep can greatly reduce the chances of suffering from an itchy throat and hay fever symptoms during the night.

By washing your hair, you remove a lot of the pollen you have accumulated throughout the day, decreasing the likelihood of transferring it to your pillow and bedding.


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