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Little Couple fans shocked as Bill Klein posts pic of bloody BONE removed from his arm & scary scars after major surgery


FANS of the TLC reality show Little Couple were in shock after seeing star Bill Klein’s post-surgery photos.

The reality star shared a picture of the piece of bone he had removed during the procedure.


Little Couple star Bill Klein underwent yet another surgery after breaking his elbow[/caption]

Instagram/Bill Klein

The reality star shocked fans with photos of his scar[/caption]

In a separate post, he showed off the scar left by his recent surgery, joking: “The kids think I look like something from #nightmarebeforechristmas.”

Per his Instagram post, the procedure was one of four he recently underwent.

Bill shared: “Dr Lee (the latest addition to my army of expert orthopedic surgeons) feels we are on the mend.

“‘Hey mister, you got a bone sticking out of your arm!’…

“‘look at that f**** bone’.

“Anyone know the movie?

“Thanks Dr Lee!”


Although Bill has already gone under the knife four times and endured several other non-surgical procedures, he’s not done yet.

According to a post on his social media account, he is due to have another surgery in the near future.

He wrote: “next up, @jenarnoldmd and the other hip!”

It’s unclear when the reality star will undergo the procedure, but he appears to be in good spirits about it.


Fans flocked to Bill’s latest posts to wish him well as he went into surgery and as he recovered.

Reactions to the procedures, and the gruesome posts he shared afterward, varied from shock to sympathy.

One commenter wrote: “No way!”

Another wrote: “Bless you, heal quickly!”

A third fan responded to Bill’s photos with: “Ouch.”

Another wrote: “😲😲😲


Bill began sharing about his surgeries in early October, all of which stem from an injury he sustained back in August.

The Little Couple Patriarch told fans he was attempting to “elude a small swarm of wasps” when he broke his elbow.

Although he needed surgery, it was ruled “elective” as COVID-19 cases surged at the time.

His wife, Jen Arnold, later explained the need to go under the knife, revealing that he had “a bunch of bone fragments that are now in his joint and need to be removed.”

She told fans Bill was “a little nervous,” noting that “we’re always nervous when we have surgery because we have difficult airways and we’re little people.”

Bill added that he and Jen are no strangers to the operating room, revealing that they’ve had nearly 100 surgeries between them.

The goal of the procedures, according to Jen, was “to debride out some of the loose bones.”

Jen traveled with Bill to New York to have the surgery. Their children, Jen explained, were at home in Florida with their grandparents.


Bill shared photos of his X-rays on Instagram, sharing the scary news with fans when it happened.

He joked: “Fun fact, I broke my right elbow when I was 7 after speeding down a hill on my bike, got so winded I blacked out and awoke bloody and broken.

“This time around, nothing nearly as exciting…”

Bill went on to say: “This image probably has a few things wrong in it courtesy of my dysplasia… but can you find the most recent traumatic damage?

“And get vaccinated 😉 so I can get my ‘elective’ surgery.”


The Little Couple first premiered in 2009.

Fans have been following Bill and Jen for 12 seasons.

The show has documented their wedding, their children and more.

Dr Jen Arnold/Instagram

Bill’s wife Jen Arnold has been updating fans about his condition[/caption]

Dr Jen Arnold/Instagram

The pair share two children[/caption]

Social Media – Refer to source

Bill has been in good spirits throughout his care[/caption]

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