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Line of Duty: Fans convinced Jo Davidson is related to John Corbett after DNA results


The latest episode of Line of Duty ended on another cliffhanger leaving fans guessing as to what could possibly happen next. The fourth instalment of the BBC cop drama kept viewers on their toes, especially after DS Steve Arnott (played by Martin Compston) got caught up in an ambush. However, as the programme came to a close, Steve presented Superintendent Ted Hastings (Adrian Dunbar) a DNA file that proved DCI Joanne Davidson (Kelly MacDonald) was related to someone else in the police database. But, who could it be?

Line of Duty fans took to Twitter after the episode to share their theories and many predicted that DCI Davidson was related to bent copper John Corbett (Stephen Graham).

One viewer commented: “Police database contains DNA from DS John Corbett The picture that Jo Davidson threw her glass of wine at was of her and her mom and that’s Corbett’s mom too.”

Another tweeted: “Joanne’s DNA match is going to be Corbett.

A third added: “Who was the DNA match?! I’m thinking Denton, Corbett or Jackie Laverty!

A fourth said: “So who was the DNA match Idea 1) Corbett- they are siblings she quoted saying and HE was adopted.”

Other viewers seemed to think that Jo could have been related to criminal Tommy Hunter.

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