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Lindsay Hoyle leaves MPs in stitches as he erupts at Tory MP – 'I'll phone your mother!'


Sir Lindsay had a short fuse when it came to the behaviour of Jonathan Gullis. The Speaker mocked the Tory backbencher as he treated him like a naughty school boy being told off by a teacher.

The Speaker has sought to crackdown on standards in the Commons since taking over from John Bercow in 2019.

Concerned his predecessor too often let Parliament descend into chaos, he has taken a firm approach in dealing with those falling foul of the rules.

Boris Johnson, Sir Keir Starmer and Priti Patel have all faced criticism from the chair in the past week.

But today, Mr Gullis was the one to be subjected to a tongue lashing after his actions caught the Speaker‘s eye.

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In PMQs last week the Prime Minister faced fury from the Speaker over his repeated attempts to question Sir Keir.

He said: “I don’t want to fall out about it, I’ve made it very clear – it is Prime Minister’s Questions, it’s not for the Opposition to answer your questions.

“Whether we like it or not those are the rules of the game that we’re all into and we play by the rules, don’t we? And we respect this House, so let’s respect the House.”

After Mr Johnson attempted to ask again about the issue in a later exchange, the Speaker added: “Prime Minister, sit down. I’m not going to be challenged, you may be the Prime Minister of this country but in this House, I’m in charge.”

Meanwhile, the Labour leader was forced to stand up at the end of PMQs and withdraw a remark after he called Mr Johnson a “coward”.

The Speaker said: “I don’t think this has done this House any good today.

“I’ll be quite honest, I think it’s been ill-tempered.

“I think it shows the public that this House has not learnt from the other week, I need this House to gain respect but it starts by individuals showing respect for each other.”

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