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Life on Mars: Pictures show design for first city on Red Planet ‘by 2054’


ABIBOO Studio has released a video and images showing what their architects believe could be the first city on Mars. Named Nüwa, it would be built in the Tempe Mensa region. 

On their website, ABIBOO explains how they’ve focused on “self-sustainable development” when designing the city.

They said: “The city of Nüwa is on the slope of one of the Martian cliffs, with abundant water access, located at Tempe Mensa.

“A steep terrain offers the opportunity to create a vertical city inserted into the rock, protected from radiation and meteorites while having access to indirect sunlight.

“Sustainability, but especially self-sustainable development is at the core of the Nüwa design.

“For being self-sustainable, a settlement on Mars needs to be able to obtain all resources locally.

“After a short initial phase relying on capital investments and supplies from Earth, the system should be able to sustain its growth with local resources only.”

The designs for Nüwa were made by ABIBOO’s architects along with scientists, who gave information on what is needed on Mars to support human life.

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In statement given to Express.co.uk, the ABIBOO team said: “Based on our team’s technical analysis and the scientists at SONet, we estimated that by 2054 we could start building a settlement like Nüwa on Mars.

“Still, it is not necessarily the year when we will start building it, as some media indicates as a fact.

“As we continue working with our partners and raising awareness and funding, we will provide a more detailed timeline.”


Nüwa is one of five cities designed by ABIBOO, serving as capital for the designed network.

They said in a press release: “Aside from Nüwa, the rest of the cities follow the same urban strategy, such as Abalos City, located in the North Pole to leverage the access to ice, or Marineris City, located in the most extensive canyon of the solar system.

“The solution is a flexible and scalable model that could be easily applicable in many other Martian surface areas.”

ABIBOO’s Nüwa was a finalist among 175 projects from around the world, submitted to the 2020 competition by The Mars Society, an American non-profit organisation.

The finalists presented their proposals at the 2020 annual convention held between October 15 and October 18, which also featured Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX.

Mr Musk is ever-vocal about colonising Mars, believing SpaceX will land rockets on the Red Planet “well before 2030”.

He said on Twitter: “SpaceX will be landing Starships on Mars well before 2030.

“The really hard threshold is making Mars Base Alpha self-sustaining.”

He also plans to build 1,000 Starship rockets and launch three of them a day to send one million people to Mars.


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