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'Life-changing' mattress hack promises perfect fit for fitted sheets

A genius mattress tip is “changing lives for the better” by ensuring that fitted sheets stay put throughout the night.

In a now viral Twitter post, a savvy social media user urged people to “stop the madness” of dealing with fitted sheets that constantly slip off. They divulged a simple yet game-changing method to keep those pesky corners in place, much to the delight of restless sleepers everywhere.

The solution has been hailed as a revelation, with numerous individuals confirming its effectiveness. They’ve expressed astonishment at how such a straightforward trick can be so transformative.

The originator of the hack emphasized it’s all about “about being kind to yourself” and the results seem to speak for themselves.

The tweet, which has amassed 81k likes and thousands of shares, advised: “Buy a fitted sheet one size bigger than your mattress and start living your life. Stop the madness.”

The public’s response was overwhelmingly positive, with many praising the Twitter user as a lifesaver. One impressed person commented: “You are changing people’s lives for the better and I salute you.”

However, some skeptics weren’t sold on the idea, arguing that oversized fitted sheets lead to unwanted wrinkles and bunching, which could disrupt a good night’s rest. A dissenter responded: “Doesn’t work. I tried getting one that was just a bit deeper so I didn’t have to struggle, but it just creeps up the side and comes off at the corners.”

“Surely it gets all wrinkly? ? An abomination! ” a social media user exclaimed. In response, the original poster gave some additional tips, advising: “You gotta tuck it under cmon man.”

This prompted suggestions for buying a “flat sheet” instead of conforming to the frustrations of a “fitted” sheet. “That defeats the purpose of a fitted sheet,” one person commented.

Meanwhile, another individual passionately encouraged others to “Only buy flat sheets and really live.”


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