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Lidl: Supermarket is launching new portable Smart Heater as part of home range


Lidl’s Smart Heater will come as part of the discount retailer’s Smart Home range. The range was launched last year and includes lights and plugs.

Lidl’s Smart Heater follows the launch of the supermarket’s Smart Home range last year.

The range includes Smart Light Bulbs for £7.99, Smart Colour Light Bulbs for £9.99, Smart Plugs for £7.99, and a Smart USB extension lead for £19.99.

For customers wanting to set up Lidl’s Smart Home devices in their house, they can do so in a few simple steps.

After picking up their Smart Home products in store, shoppers need to also buy the supermarket’s SilverCrest Gateway, which is used to control the devices.

Using the Lidl Home app, customers can create the perfect mood lighting, turn all the lights off in their home at the same time, and adjust the brightness or a colour of a light.

They can also schedule when they want their lights to come on or to go off.

The supermarket’s website has more information about Lidl Smart Home, saying: “It’s quick and easy to set-up, so you’ll have more time to do the things you love, with the added comfort and security of knowing that the control of your home is in your hands, wherever you are.”

Additionally, Lidl shoppers will now be able to control their home’s heating from their app if they buy the new Smart Heater.


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