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Licence fee crisis: Nearly a million fed up pensioners ditch BBC – 'They are ignoring us!'


The BBC has been slammed for “ignoring the older generation” as nearly a million over-75s switch off from the broadcaster. Dennis Reed, director of the Silver Voices campaign group, told talkRADIO that the older generation, which are the BBC’s “loyal viewers,” were being ignored by the broadcaster. He pointed to estimates that nearly a million of those over-75 are refusing to pay the BBC licence fee on principle.

TalkRADIO host Kevin O’Sullivan said that the BBC was “obsessed” with young viewers.

He said: “How do you think the BBC serves people of your generation?

“Because all it seems to do is be obsessed with getting young viewers and doesn’t seem to be that interested in catering to the older generation.”

Mr Reed responded: “It is a big issue. I think the older generation is not catered for in the same way we would want.”

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He continued: “They’re bringing back BBC Three to attract younger audiences.

“Meanwhile their loyal viewers, which is largely the older generation, are ignored.”

Mr O’Sullivan responded: “The BBC should remember that it is people of your age group, that is their customers. Why don’t they serve us?

“The young viewers they court, they will never get them back. They are watching Netflix and YouTube.

“That is why I think that organisation is in quite a lot of trouble, it is out of step with its audience and it can’t maintain its licence fee for too much longer.”

This comes as a group of MPs said that the government will be forced to rely on the current BBC TV licence fee model until 2038.

A report from a Commons select committee suggests the failure to find a viable alternative form of funding meant the licence fee must remain for the term of the next charter.

In response, anothjer talkRADIO host James Whale lashed out: ” “We’re only in 2021. 2038? No!

“The BBC’s a dinosaur. The BBC have cocked everything they’ve done up. They’ve become extremely left-wing.”


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