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Liam Neeson’s car collection with £200,000 Bentley and SUV on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Liam Neeson has a stunning catalogue of sports and SUVs with models from BMW, Audi and Bentley. But the popular Irish star didn’t get behind the wheel until quite late in life.

The Taken star previously admitted he only decided to start driving at 28 or 29 years old. A certain Dame Helen Mirren helped him secure his licence after the two met during production of a fantasy movie.

Speaking on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Liam said: “We were doing a film called Excalibur. John Boorman’s Excalibur. This was 1979 or 1980. Helen and I formed a lovely friendship. I’m proud to say.

“She taught me how to drive essentially. She was very good and I had to go to a British driving school in London, two-hour sessions.”

Since then, his appetite for vehicles has grown with the actor now boasting one of the most impressive collections in Hollywood.

Citroen 2CV 

Despite owning a plethora of top supercars today, Liam’s first ever car was a plucky Citroen 2CV he picked up in the UK.

Liam told James Corden: “I got this job in Pinewood Studios but they wouldn’t supply the transport for me.

“So I had to get a test and I bought this little 2CV Six, Citroen. A French car they don’t make them anymore. As my friend Gabriel Burn described it ‘it’s a converted sewing machine’.”

Chevrolet Suburban 

The Irish actor has previously been photographed next to his enormous Chevrolet Suburban SUV. Like Mr Neeson, The Suburban is one of the biggest stars on film and TV with its own plaque on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Chevrolet’s largest SUV has featured in more than 1,750 films since the 1960s and was honoured with an “Award of Excellence” prize back in 2019.

Surprisingly, even the DeLorean from Back to the Future is not featured on the famous boulevard with the gong meaning the Suburban will always be embedded in Hollywood folklore.

BMW 5 Series 

According to HotCars, Liam Neeson also owns “one of the most popular luxury cars” on the market, a BMW 5 Series.

The experts claimed that Liam’s BMW is an “ultra-modern model that features luxurious as well as spacious interiors.” The latest machine doesn’t just look stunning but certainly packs a punch while behind the wheel.

Specs show the car can reach a top speed of 155mph and could hit 0-62mph in just 4.2 seconds. ​​The BMW 5-series also picked up the prestigious 2017 “What Car?” Car Of The Year and the Best Luxury Car award.

Bentley Continental GT Convertible 

According to VIPFortunes, this gorgeous Grand Tourer is understood to be “one of Liam’s favourite cars”.

It is claimed the Taken star has been “seen cruising around multiple times” behind the wheel with photographs showing him enjoying the sun with the roof down.

Bentley vehicles are the epitome of luxury with a pristine leather cabin interior fitted with wooden trims and metal accents. Some of the latest designs are priced around the £200,000 mark but some configurations can sell for over £250,000.

Audi Q7

According to TheRichest.com, Mr Neeson “jumped at the chance” to own Audi’s first-ever SUV machine back in 2005.

HotCars explains that Liam’s Q7 is a “special-looking model with luxurious interiors”

They claim the actor’s machine can reach 0-60 mph in just above six seconds and has a top speed of 155 mph.

Kevin Costner, Ben Stiller and Joe Jonas are among the stars to also own Audi models in their collections.


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