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Let’s put tax up on gas guzzling cars and reduce it on electric vehicles, says LORD DEBEN


There is no vaccine for any of those. The Government must make it easier and cheaper to do the right thing and harder and more expensive to trash nature or pollute our rivers and oceans. We can see where that’s already working. Take electric cars: renewable electricity means driving without the dangerous emissions from an internal combustion engine.

Last year only 6.6 per cent of new cars were electric. Well, why don’t we copy Norway – the most successful country in making the transition.

Norway’s car tax is much higher than ours but it doesn’t apply to fully electric vehicles. So, buying them is a no-brainer. Couldn’t we do something like that in the UK?

It is not easy after Covid to ask for tax cuts, so how about a tax shift?

Let’s put the tax up on the gas guzzlers and take it down on the clean electric cars.

Then there’s your home fuel. The Government puts a higher tax on your electric bill than for gas. That means clean electricity is taxed and dirty gas is not.

Why not shift the tax? Most people have both gas and electricity so they’d hardly notice – but if there’s a choice it would help to encourage them to use clean electricity.

Rishi Sunak found £2billion for green homes grants but not much has been taken up and half of it has had to go back into the Treasury. It seems the scheme was too complicated.

What about using some of that money to cut VAT on green home improvements?

Covid has forced us all to buy more by mail. That often means more emissions from delivery and returns. Better to shop on the High Street. Yet we don’t make the mail order giants pay the same business taxes that shopkeepers do. What about a delivery tax on non-electric deliveries and a big cut in business rates?

Most people want to do the right thing. Let’s make it easier and cheaper. 


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