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'Let me answer!' Ryanair boss erupts at Susanna Reid in heated refund clash


Ryanair’s CEO Michael O’Leary went on Good Morning Britain on Wednesday morning to insist that it would be perfectly reasonable to start booking holidays for later in the year. GMB host Susanna Reid went on to question whether people could book Ryanair flights through travel agents. Mr O’Leary insisted this was not possible and implored holidaymakers to only book through the Ryanair website. 

The pair then got into a spat regarding whether those who have been duped into buying Ryanair flights through a travel agent would get a refund which resulted in Mr O’Leary shouting over Ms Reid demanding she allow him to answer her questions. 

Mr O’Leary said: “On the Ryanair website we take bookings directly from customers.”

Ms Reid replied: “Are your fares not available via a travel agent?

“That would seem odd if an association that represents 100 agents is saying that they are making bookings.”

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Mr O’Leary fired back: “We don’t allow third parties to make bookings.

“That is one of the great challenges that the airlines have faced in recent years,

“It has been exposed by the pandemic, that we have all these intermediary agents going in and making bookings and then overcharging our customers, giving us fake customer contact details and fake payment details.”

The pair then began shouting over one another as the row intensified. 

Ms Reid said: “Whatever your dispute with the association, there are people who are not getting their money back.”

Mr O’Leary replied: “We have refunded, let me answer, can I answer the point?

“We have refunded all the people who have replied to us directly for refunds.”

More to follow…


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