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Leeds star Patrick Bamford hits European Super League nail on the head


Leeds United forward Patrick Bamford is the latest Premier League star to voice his concern over the European Super League. The 27-year-old played a vital part as his side held Liverpool to a 1-1 draw at Elland Road.

He then condemned the Reds for agreeing to join a 12-club Super League which has no promotion or relegation.

“We have just seen what everyone has seen,” Bamford said. “It is amazing the things they are talking about. I can’t comprehend.

“It is amazing the uproar and it is a shame it isn’t like this with other things, like racism.

“We are like fans. We can’t believe it (the European Super League) and don’t know what is going to happen. We are in shock.

“From what I have seen, I haven’t seen one fan who is happy, and football is ultimately about the fans.

“Without the fans football is nothing and it is important we stand our ground and show football is for the fans.”

James Milner, who captained Liverpool against Leeds, also voiced his concern over the plans.

“Same as everyone there is a lot of questions,” he said. “I can only say my view, I don’t like it and hopefully it doesn’t happen.

“I can imagine what has been said about it and I probably agree with a lot of it.”

Leeds boss Marcelo Bielsa said: “It shouldn’t surprise us. In all walks of life the powerful look after their own and don’t worry about the rest of us. The big teams are also created due to the opposition of the other teams.

“In the search for higher economic earnings they forget about the rest. The powerful are more rich and the weak are poorer. It doesn’t do good to football in general.

“There are a lot of structures that should have prevented these forces from coming. For me sincerely I am not surprised because in all walks of life same thing happens, so why wouldn’t it happen in football.”

Milner added to BBC Sport: “I can only give my personal opinion and I don’t like it one bit and hopefully it doesn’t happen.

“It [the current system] has worked well for a long time, what has made it special what we have done over the last few years is we have earned the right to win the Champions League and earned the right to win the Premier League. The product we have currently is very good.

“It is difficult. Coming into the game today Leeds fans were making their feelings shown. As players we don’t really have a say so it feels a bit unjust. All we can do is try and win football matches.”


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