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Lawyer demands introduction of tough new 'dangerous cycling' rules in safety crackdown

New driving law changes must introduce motoring-style offences to cyclists with “no adequate punishment” in place for those on two wheels, according to a top lawyer. 

Nick Freeman, known as Mr Loophole, has called for the introduction of “dangerous cycling” rules to clamp down on road accidents. 

He warned cyclists “don’t fear being brought to justice” with a lack of accountability compared to those behind the wheel of vehicles. 

Nick made the remarks after the case of Brian Fitzgerald who avoided prosecution despite colliding with and killing 81-year-old Hilder Griffiths in Regents Park. 

He hit the pedestrian at a staggering 29mph in a 20mph zone but avoided penalties as a court claimed speed limits did not apply to cyclists. 

Nick has now called for this to urgently change after Ms Griffiths’ son Gerard warned deaths were “inevitable”.

Nick explained: “The tragic death of Hilda Griffiths highlights a total paucity of relevant legislation to deal with cyclists. The Government needs to introduce offences such as causing death by dangerous cycling or causing serious injury by dangerous driving cycling. 

“Such offences would directly mirror existing offences which apply to motorists who kill or who cause serious injury and so carry exactly the same serious punishment.

“Highway Code Rule 68 states cyclists must not ride in a dangerous, careless or inconsiderate manner. But even though this is a mandatory rule, there’s no adequate punishment for those who break the law.

“This may well explain why a certain number of cyclists take a cavalier approach to the safety of others – particularly pedestrians. They don’t fear being brought to justice.”

Nick has demanded that cyclists should “face lengthy sentences if convicted” while those with driving licences should be hit with “mandatory disqualification”.

The solicitor has previously petitioned for cyclists to display a compulsory form of identification while cycling on the roads. 

This would take the form of a registered tabard or plate while riders would require a licence and insurance. 

Nick added: “This reckless abandonment by cyclists of any consequence must be stopped. The law needs to be made loud and clear. 

“If you are a cyclist and you kill or seriously injure someone you could end up in prison for a long time. Hopefully, such legislation would put an end to needless and tragic deaths and make the roads safer for all users.”


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