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Laundry expert’s best way to load a washing machine to guarantee ‘proper clean’ washing

When the washing basket is getting full, it can be tempting to throw all the dirty laundry into the appliance at once.

However, according to one expert, the washing machine should be loaded in a certain way in order to clean clothes properly.

Dr.Beckmann spokesperson, Chloe Baker, said: “When it comes to fresh laundry, you never want to overload your washing machine.

“You need room for the laundry detergent and the water to mix and move through your load, so these soapy suds can soak through the whole wash.

“Clothes also need space to move around – and a little friction goes a long way in removing dirt and stains.

“You want to be leaving about six inches of space from the top of the drum to ensure your laundry gets the proper clean it needs.”

Towels, clothing and bedding should also all be washed separately from one another to guarantee a proper clean.

This is because they should be washed at different temperatures, ideally 60C for bedding and towels to kill bacteria.

Chloe added: “It might be easier to throw your lingerie into the wash with the rest of your clothes, but this could be bad news for the rest of your clothes.

“Those hooks and wires on your lingerie can attach themselves to other clothing resulting in rips and tears.

“Instead, always hand wash your delicates or buy a lingerie bag to wash them in.” Mesh bags can also be used with socks or baby clothing to stop them getting stuck or lost.

The expert also recommended using the right detergent and conditioner as well as making sure to use the correct amounts.

Lots of detergents and conditioners can leave residue in both the machine and on clothes, resulting in them feeling sticky and the machine clogging up.

This can be prevented by using the correct amount of each product and referring to the instructions before using.

Rachael Kiss, a spokesperson at Alliance Online, explained: “Cleaning the washing machine can also prevent bacteria build-up, which can affect the cleanliness of your clothes and reduce the machine’s efficiency.

“It is recommended that cleaning your washing machine once a month should be done.”

This can be done in a variety of different ways including using a specialist cleaner or white vinegar and baking soda in the drum.


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