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Lara Lewington: Martin Lewis’ wife details criticism over ‘intimidating’ mask


Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis’ wife Lara Lewington, 41, has faced a backlash over her “intimidating” coronavirus mask. Speaking to Naga Munchetty on BBC Radio 5 Live, the BBC presenter talked her through high-tech face masks but revealed that when she wore it on TV her fans likened her to a Batman villain.

Wife of Money Saving Expert Martin, 48, Lara took to the radio to disclose her high-tech mask findings with BBC presenter Naga Munchetty.

The tech journalist was reporting her findings back to the radio host, but revealed that one mask in particular made her look like a character from a comic book.

Naga asked curiously: “There’s one [mask] that cleans the air that you’re breathing, how does it do that?”

She continued: “Because there is that, say – I don’t eat cheese and onion crisps but if I was talking to someone who does eat cheese and onion crisps you can kind of smell the food you’ve eaten, can’t you, in the mask?”

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Lara agreed with the host before introducing a face mask which cleans the air you’re breathing.

She said: “There can be that stale mask kind of smell I know exactly what you mean.”

However, before continuing with her review, Lara revealed her followers saw a likeness to Batman character Bane when she donned the high-tech garment.

Lara continued: “Now when I demonstrated this mask which filters the air and has UVC lights in it to help clean up the air that’s coming in and out, I wore it on TV and I got quite a few tweets saying that I look like the comic book character Bane.”

She responded: “Is that the one out of Iron Man?”

Luckily for her, the tech savvy journalist knew the difference between her comic book characters and immediately corrected her.

Lara said: “He was in Batman, I’m no expert on this – my husband’s going to be mortified.

“It’s a very intimidating looking mask”.

Naga agreed: “Yes, it’s full on across the face and it’s got tubes coming out of it and things like that.”


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