Home News Labour LIVE: Angela Rayner pulls rug from under Starmer despite poll surge

Labour LIVE: Angela Rayner pulls rug from under Starmer despite poll surge


Deputy Labour leader Angela Rayner has called for face coverings to be worn in hospitality venues after the Government announced on Saturday that from Tuesday they would again be mandatory in shops and on public transport. 

Speaking to Sky News, Ms Rayner said: “We think that in hospitality settings that people should be wearing a mask. I got the train here yesterday evening and it was absolutely rammed, you couldn’t even stand up, it was so full, and nobody, very few people, were wearing a mask on that train.

“It’s so important that people wear masks when they’re indoors, in arenas where they’re meeting people and… mixing in large numbers. People should be wearing their masks.”

On wearing masks in pubs, she said: “I think people should… especially if you’re moving around the pub, people should be wearing their masks in hospitality settings. If you’re (in) an indoor setting, there’s no distinction between a pub, sitting in a pub, or sitting on a train, or sitting in a hospital. It’s still a venue that’s indoors and we should be taking the necessary measures to protect people around us.”

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