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Kristen Stewart divides Princess Diana fans with Spencer photo: 'Looks more like Camilla'


Hollywood actress Kristen Stewart, 30, is set to star in the new movie about the late Princess of Wales, Spencer. But the Twilight star has yet to convince fans of her resemblance to Princess Diana, after a promotional shot of the actress was released ahead of the film which is being directed by Pablo Larrain.

The divisive image showed the Seberg star donning Diana’s iconic, blonde haircut.

Resting her face in her hand, the late Princess’ famous blue Ceylon sapphire engagement ring features prominently as the actress gazes into the camera.

However, royal fans have been left divided over the main casting choice ahead of Spencer’s release in the autumn.

Taking to social media to air their views, many have commented on the promotional picture saying that the choice of actress does not do Diana justice in terms of her appearance.

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Despite the outfit bearing a resemblance to the red and green tartan blazer Diana wore in the late 1980s, the film is set a few years after this point.

Spencer takes place over a weekend in December 1991 when Diana attended Christmas at the Sandringham Estate with the royal family.

It is here that she makes the decision to end her marriage to her husband Prince Charles.

The film’s production company Neon released a synopsis of the film, promising a “different” portrayal of the Princess.


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