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Kopparberg launches its first ever vodka range and says it will be drink of the summer


Kopparberg cider is a pub garden staple every summer. Now, the company is about to revolutionise the world of vodka. The new range will be available in three bold fruit flavours: Lemon, Passionfruit, and the famous Kopparberg Strawberry and Lime.

Rob Salvesen, Head of Marketing at Kopparberg, says: “No one does flavour like we do and we weren’t content with the bland and subtly flavoured options currently available on the market.

“New Kopparberg Flavoured Vodka offers a bold burst of fruit flavour and colour in a way that only Kopparberg can, resulting in a drink that is perfect for those moments with mates as the sun goes down and there is a ripple of excited energy in the air.

“As a brand that has always been about creating great memories with friends, we are excited to play a part in a summer that promises to be truly one to remember.”

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It comes as Kopparberg has also released a limited-edition cider flavour for the summer. Shoppers can pick up a mixed tropical fruit variety pack containing pineapple, passion fruit and mango flavours.

Kopparberg said: “We wanted to put a tropical twist on this Kopparberg icon, released in our first ever limited-edition design bottles and cans, providing a new flavour that’s guaranteed to define that first sip of a truly unforgettable summer.”

Kopparberg also launched a new Dark Fruit Spiced Rum and a Premium Gin a few months ago.


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