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Kitchen Nightmare! Gordon Ramsay slammed for charging ‘rip off’ £31.50 for fish and chips


The TV chef’s River Restaurant at London’s Savoy Hotel is set to open on Monday, 11 October, and has its own designs on the iconic British dish. As well as doing a host of gourmet seafood, a sample menu revealed that it charges £24.50 for “cider-battered gurnard, minted peas, warm tartare sauce”.

On top of that punters have to shell out an additional £7 for a side order of “Koffmann’s fries”, bringing the total to £31.50.

According to The Sun, the chef’s new venture will charge a 15 percent service charge, bringing the total price to an eye-watering £36.

After the 54-year-old chef posted a snap of the meal on his Instagram, many users were quick to point out the sky high price.

Aaron Jay Rock wrote: “£25 for that fish!! Rip off, I could eat for a week for that.”

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“I have some McCain oven chips in the freezer,” another teased.

And a fourth user called Alex joked: “And then you have to go to McDonald’s right after to actually feel full.”

User Sam and Steven Smith also referenced the small portion size in their post.

They wrote: “Wouldn’t fill up a sparrow. One nibble and it’s gone.”

Do you think £31.50 for fish and chips is excessive? Click here and comment below.

The restaurant has been billed a “beautifully classic, yet stylish and relaxed all-day dining restaurant”.

“The River Restaurant showcases the very best shellfish and seafood the UK has to offer,” the description adds.

“From fresh oysters, ceviche and caviar served at the centre-piece raw bar, to an incredible à la carte menu including delicately spiced tandoori monkfish curry, swordfish schnitzel or a whole baked Cornish turbot.”

And ahead of its opening, the popular chef revealed a radically different appearance on his Instagram account.

He looked unrecognisable as he sported a long shaggy beard in his most recent picture.

He wrote alongside the snap: “Winter’s coming, I’m growing my beard, Father Christmas.”

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