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Kim Jong-un heath: North Korea despot sparks alarm as pics show 'a LOT of weight loss'


The ruler of the hermit kingdom was seen in a clip shot by Korean Central Television (KCTV) walking along a corridor before entering a packed meeting room to a rapturous applause. Compared to his previous appearances, Kim’s physique is noticeably slimmer. Although he wore his usual loose black trousers and matching black shirt, the clothing appeared to me several sizes smaller than his usual attire.

Last spring as the Covid pandemic took hold across the globe there was speculation that Kim had died or was in a vegetative state.

Reports began to surface after he failed to appear at an important celebration on April 15, to mark the birthday of his grandfather Kim Il-sung, who founded the country.

And last summer Kim was reported to have been in a coma and on the cusp of handing over power to his sister.

While Kim appeared to be in good spirits in the latest footage, his dramatic weight loss was obvious for viewers to see.

Social media users were quick to pick up on the difference in his waistline.

One said: “Looks like his near death experience made him eat better since he has lost weight. “

A second commented on his “new hair cut and weight loss” in the video.

And yet a third said despite him dropping a sizeable amount of weight, Kim is still “like 200 pounds heavier than most North Koreans”.

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The Supreme Leader rules the Asian country with an iron fist and is known for his secrecy.

His latest appearance came after he was off the radar for almost a month.

The video was captured at a meeting of the ruling politburo, where guests showed their admiration for their ruler by clapping enthusiastically as he made his grand entrance.

Kim called the meeting to discuss “urgent” issues with state planning in the first half of 2021.

He reported told his trusted close advisers about the recent results of January’s landmark party congress so far.

And according to NK News, he “stressed it is now necessary to call a plenary meeting of the Party Central Committee” to “solve pending problems urgent for the economic work and people’s living.”

Donald Trump was the first US President to cross the Armistice Line between North Korea and South Korea, accompanied by Kim

Initially the pair had a warm relationship and met for talks centred on decreasing Pyongyang’s nuclear capabilities.

But following a promising start, the meeting broke down after Kim’s team demanded an immediate and full lifting of sanctions, a request which Washington refused to honour.


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