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Kevin Costner children: Meet the Yellowstone star's 7 children in huge blended family


Kevin Costner, 66, is currently playing John Dutton in the hugely popular Western series Yellowstone. However, the star also has a demanding family life outside of the show as well thanks to his huge family, which includes seven children. Here’s everything you need to know about them.

Kevin has been a familiar face on screens since his breakout role in The Untouchables in 1987.

Over the past few years he has also won several fans playing patriarch John in the Paramount Network drama Yellowstone.

The family saga features John and his children as they deal with power dynamics and threats to their lives on a ranch in Montana.

And while Kevin’s own life is not as dramatic as this, it is clear family is important to the star.

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The actor has seven children from three different relationships.

His first wife was his college sweetheart Cindy Silva, who he met back in 1975.

They were married for 16 years until 1994 and have three children together from that time.

The couple raised film director Annie Costner, 36, actor Lily Costner, 34, and sound editor Joe Costner, 33.

The Hollywood star set up a college fund for Liam but the pair are not thought to be very close.

Kevin is now married to handbag designer Christine Baumgartner who he began dating in 2001.

They married in 2004 and now live on a ranch in Aspen, Colorado with their three children.

Their young family consists of Cayden Costner, 14, Hayes Costner, 12, and Grace Costner, 11.

Kevin has previously opened up about having so many children and if there is any jealousy between them.

Speaking to Mom.com in 2015, he said: “As [my] children interact together, there’s always this little bit of, ‘Do you care for us now as much as you do them?’

“That’s just a natural thing that happens, and you have to talk about how big love is.

“The ability to be able to love somebody else doesn’t mean there’s less love for you.

“Love seems to be always able to hang on to as many people as needs to be in that circle.”

Yellowstone returns to the Paramount Network in June 2021.


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