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Keep bread perfectly fresh for 'up to two months' with foolproof freezer method

Food storage hacks are easy to come by for most fresh items but when it comes to bread, there’s a lot more at stake.

Not only can a baked loaf lose its trademark doughy texture but also turn sour and unpleasant in taste.

While bread bins, plastic wraps and linen cloths are popular remedies to keep loaves fresh, they are ineffective at extending the shelf life of bread for more than a few days.

The freezer, on the other hand, is the perfect way to halt staleness and mould, and if used correctly, the taste too.

Food experts swear by a particular method to preserve the fresh-baked taste of bread while storing it in the freezer.

Speaking to Martha Stewart, Lisa Brooks, the chef and owner of Heart & Soul, a personal chef service revealed that she uses a layering technique to effectively freeze bread.

She explained that both store-bought and homemade bread “should freeze well” when wrapped in two layers of plastic wrap before being put into a resealable plastic freezer bag.

Whether sliced or whole, almost any load can be kept perfectly fresh for weeks at a time without running the risk of freezer burn.

Some bread experts, including Drew Gimma, the director of operations for Bread Man Baking Co. believe that slicing loaves up beforehand lends itself to better results when it comes to defrosting.

Drew explained that doing so means “you can thaw just as much as you need and not the whole loaf”.

While some people avoid freezing slices of bread for fear of them sticking together, Drew offered a simple remedy to this problem.

Layering a square of greaseproof paper between each slice can stop them from getting stuck and make for easy thawing when it comes to enjoying the bread.

He continued: “Typically, bread should maintain its quality in the freezer for up to two months, but that can vary depending on its moisture content, how fresh the bread is before going into the freezer, and how often you are going in and out of the freezer.”

As a general rule, the key to avoiding freezer burn is to protect the bread from air by wrapping it well and removing as much air as possible before placing it in the freezer.

For those who are unsure how to spot freezer burn, the food experts claimed that large ice crystals inside of the wrapping indicate that the texture or taste of the bread has been compromised.

If frozen bread is not wrapped correctly and starts to smell like other items in the freezer during the thawing process, or becomes crumbly or breaks apart, it likely is past its prime.

To defrost bread back to its freshly baked texture, simply leave it at room temperature until it’s no longer ice cold. Then splash with a drizzle of water and warm through in an oven or toaster for a few minutes.


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