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Kate Middleton's 'sentimental' ring from William marks 'special milestone' in marriage


Kate Middleton, 39, is the Duchess of Cambridge and wife of Prince William, 38. When attending royal events, Kate is often praised for her fashion choices and complements her outfits with pieces from her enviable jewellery collection.

The most recent jewel is the white gold and diamond eternity ring she was reportedly given following the birth of Prince George, seven.

“The third ring she wears is an eternity ring,” experts at jewellers Joshua James explained.

“Eternity rings are often used to mark special milestones in a relationship – in this case, it was a gift from her husband to mark the birth of their first child, Prince George.”

The subtle band sits perfectly next to her engagement and wedding rings and the experts explained it marked the “special milestone” of starting a family.


It is made from white gold and has a modest valuation compared to other royal jewels.

They continued: “Made from 18ct white gold, it features 0.23ct of white diamonds.

“Kate’s eternity band comes from London-based designer Annoushka, and is valued at £1,200.”

The Duchess of Cambridge is rarely seen without wearing all three rings on her wedding finger.

The order in which she wears the three sentimental rings could follow a sweet tradition.

“In terms of why she wears three rings on one finger, many women choose to wear all three rings (wedding, engagement and eternity) on their wedding finger following marriage,” they stated.

“The order in which these are worn actually has a great significance.

“Wearing your wedding ring first means that it is closest to your heart, followed by the engagement and then eternity ring. It looks like Kate Middleton follows this tradition.”

Possibly the most eye-catching ring in her collection is Kate’s sapphire and diamond engagement ring which once belonged to Princess Diana.

The experts added: “Kate’s engagement ring is incredibly famous, known for sparking a huge increase in sales of sapphire engagement rings back in 2010.

“It features a 12-carat oval sapphire set in 18k white gold, surrounded by 14 solitaire diamonds.

“Created by Garrard & Co. (the former Crown Jeweller), it is now valued at around £300,000. However, much of its value is sentimental: this engagement ring was passed down from Princess Diana, William’s mother.”


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