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Kate Middleton's 'hands off' body language shows 'barriers' with Zara Tindall


When doing so, body language expert Judi James spoke to Express.co.uk about their relationship.

She suggested the royals, who are both 39-years-old, looked to get on well when seen together before coronavirus restrictions were in place.

The expert went on to say Zara will often show her affection with animated gestures while Kate has used her facial expressions.

“While Kate tends to use a very animated facial expression to register her liking of Zara, Zara looks keen to move in for less formal and more openly expressive greetings,” Judi explained.


“In one picture, she leans close to Kate using eye contact and a smile to show affection but Kate’s posture and touch rituals look more formal rather than reciprocal, with a straight back and one hand placed on Zara’s arm.”

Although the royal women seem to be close, Kate may have a more “hands off” approach to their public meetings.

This could have been caused by the public nature of their appearances, Judi continued.

Kate is a senior royal and set to be Queen Consort one day and their royal “pecking order” may come into place when they are together at royal events, the expert claimed.

She stated: “There’s an air of mirrored formality with both women standing with their hands crossed in front of their torsos in a barrier gesture as they chat.

“This is a much less relaxed pose but Zara appears keen to inject some signals of closeness into it via the way her torso is leaning in closer to Kate as they speak.

“The mutual pleasure is there in their facial expressions but the mirrored barrier gesture suggests a wariness of royal protocol and pecking-orders while they are appearing in public.”

Over the years, Zara’s body language may suggest she has preferred to be more “affectionate” than Kate.

However, this has not stopped them from genuinely enjoying each other’s company, Judi added.

She concluded: “In many ways these two women’s body language should be a miss-fit. Zara is known for her spontaneously affectionate and tactile displays in public while Kate is more prone to a careful, hands-off elegance.

“Those signature traits do seem to be visible during their greetings at more formal events but the photo of them together at a more casual occasion does suggest strong and mutual bonds of friendship and affection.

“Their personalities might be contrasting then, but their enjoyment of one another’s company looks obvious.”


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