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Kate Middleton ‘embraces regal heritage’ with red furnishings at Kensington Palace home


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have shared more of a glimpse inside their homes in recent months after taking part in various video calls and messages. The couple have been spotted at their home in Kensington Palace and at Sandringham where they have a temporary office close to their Norfolk home, Anmer Hall. The two spaces have been impeccably decorated and reflect a younger, more approachable Royal Family.

Interior design expert and Founder and CEO of ufurnish.com Deirdre Mc Gettrick, said there are striking similarities between the two spaces, with the couple also showcasing their family photos to give the rooms a more personal touch.

Ms Mc Gettrick told FEMAIL that colours in the home can “evoke different feelings or emotions”.

She also said primary colours such as red and green, would traditionally line the walls of a royal home.

However, it seems Kate and Prince William have gone for more “neutral tones” to give the rooms a more modern look.

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Meanwhile, interior design expert Benji Lewis said the cushions are simply “decorative detail”.

He explained: “Dipping into pattern is a decorative detail that has been embraced via the inclusion of the multiple cushions – embroidered in a kind of Ottoman fashion with scrolling foliage – but this could be off the peg shopping rather than bespoke.”

Yesterday, Kate and William offered more of a glimpse inside their apartment at Kensington Palace.

The couple shared a video message for a mental health campaign.

She often looks flawless in floral dresses, structured collars and ruffled shirts.

Mr Lewis said Kate’s decor choices often “work brilliantly” with her wardrobe and “set her up very well backdrop-wise for her virtual appointments.”

Photos of Kate and William’s children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis can often be seen in the background during their video calls.

Mr Lewis said the family photos make the couple seem more approachable.

They also add a “homely look” and “personal touch” to the decor.


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