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Kate Middleton and Prince William show ‘growing maturity’ towards their royal roles


Kate Middleton, 39, and Prince William, 38, are both working members of the Royal Family which means they will often appear at events and engagements. Throughout the pandemic, they have also kept up their roles and have turned virtually to speak to different organisations and charities.

The Duchess and Prince William started dating each other at university.

The couple have been together ever since and now have three royal children together, Prince George, seven, Princess Charlotte, five, and Prince Louis, two. 

Throughout the pandemic, the Duke and Duchess have turned to virtual calls and meetings to speak to various different groups of people.

This has also been done by many other members of the Royal Family like Sophie, Countess of Wessex, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and Princess Anne. 

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“They are naturally elegant and entertaining but they don’t dominate the attention or upstage.”

Judi added that there is a lack of drama between them.

She explained: “William and Kate appear to have cracked it in terms of presenting a drama-free zone via their body language. 

“There is no riveting narrative here and this suits them as well as the public. 

“They might be the first royal couple to appear for many years without prompting speculation about their emotions or their relationship. 

“Their smiles are perfect and they tend to look suitably upbeat or concerned, depending on the circumstances of their visit. Their professionalism as royals looks impeccable.”

When appearing virtually, the couple will often take it in turns to speak as well as offering support and advice. 

Judi went on to share how the couple manage to be professional in their roles but still look genuine towards the topic they are discussing.

She said: “Their smiles and their eye expressions give the impression that they are genuinely charmed or delighted to be speaking to the public. 

“They use self-lowering rituals to suggest they are keen to listen and talk and also accessible. 

“As the couple grow older and their family expands William and Kate are also developing traits that are ideal for a reigning monarch: they are gaining a parental presence. 

“Along with their obvious shared sense of fun, the couple are beginning to provide some of the reassuringly parental traits that the Queen and her parents before her created for the public. 

“It’s the type of trait that people appreciate in times of crisis and with the current pandemic William and Kate have shown a sense of growing maturity as they have been motivating and supporting the public and the health workers in a way that political leaders often can’t.”


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