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Kate Garraway touched by Frank Bruno message of support after two months away from Derek


Joining Kate Garraway and Ben Shephard on Good Morning Britain on Friday was former heavyweight boxer Frank Bruno who spoke about his documentary. As he opened up about his mental health, he sent a sweet message of support to Kate who has spent almost one year without her husband, who remains in hospital battling COVID-19.

“Good to see you this morning Kate you’re looking very delicious this morning,” Frank began.

Kate gushed: “Thank you, that is a compliment indeed. We’re pink and yellow this morning you and I, we look like sherbets, don’t we?

“Look it is an extraordinary documentary, what made you want to get involved in something that was going to take you into areas which have been challenging in your life?

“You have been very open about your problems with mental health and have explored this in such a public way, which I think will be very helpful by the way to so many people, it’s a wonderful thing you’ve done.

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“But it must have been very challenging for you.”

“Very challenging, sometimes we wake up in the morning, it’s a challenge,” Frank replied.

“Sometimes, you look at yourself in the mirror and you have to be honest with yourself. Everything is on the table and we all go through ups and downs.

“If you see your husband today, just give him my regards please Kate.”

She told viewers: “We have found the real Kate Garraway, how exciting is that? My friend sent me this yesterday and I wasn’t aware of her.

“She is called Kate Garraway and it’s even spelled the same way, she’s come forward to declare herself, she’s stood up, she’s the real Kate Garraway.”

The presenter explained the other Kate Garraway has haunted her all her life and has even received fan mail for the host.

“How extraordinary and this has haunted her for all her life, and she even got engaged to somebody called Ben!” Kate revealed.


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