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Kate Garraway addresses financial and legal struggles amid Derek's year-long health fight


Good Morning Britain presenter Kate Garraway, 53, has said her regular income “stopped quite suddenly” after she took a break from work last year when her 53-year-old husband Derek was admitted to hospital with coronavirus. While he is now Covid-free, the disease led to further health complications including kidney failure and damage to his liver and pancreas. He remains in a coma.

Opening up on her struggles, she said: “Working in television, everybody does get paid a good wage compared with the nurses who are keeping Derek alive.

“But that obviously stopped quite suddenly last March.”

The mother-of-two worried she may sound like she’s “pleading poverty” but said she has had to rely on their friends for financial support during the difficult time, according to The Sunday Times.

The presenter went on to say she chose to renew her husband’s company’s office lease, in the hope he will finally return to work, but admitted it is currently “burning money”.

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Addressing further difficulties, Kate added she also cannot access her spouse’s bank or credit card accounts, their joint savings, or refinance the mortgage.

Giving an example of how this had been a problem, the host said she was charged nearly £900 by a mobile provider when the family needed replacement handsets last year.

The devices would’ve free if Derek was able to sign the paperwork.

Kate also doesn’t have the legal right to see his medical notes, owing to data protection.

The presenter will now need deputy power of attorneyship to be able to control their affairs and that depends on whether Derek’s condition can be constituted as a coma.

“Is he in a position to make a decision or not? Before Christmas, I felt like he did understand. But now I feel like he’s slipped back and I don’t really know what he believes, or feels,” Kate explained.

She went on to say her current legal situation is “much more complicated” and something she hasn’t yet got her head around.

The presenter added her main focus had been on their two children; Darcey, 15, and Billy, 11.

Her husband was first hospitalised in March 2020 with coronavirus and was placed into a medically-induced coma.


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