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Kamala Harris's Secret Service agent 'brawled with other agents' at Joint Base Andrews

A Secret Service agent on Kamala Harris’s protection team had to be removed after being caught brawling with other agents earlier this week, the agency confirmed.

The squabble took place near Joint Base Andrews, just on the outskirts of Washington DC, minutes before the Vice President arrived on Monday.

The unnamed agent was “removed from their assignment” immediately, the Secret Service confirmed.

In a statement to the New York Post, spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said: “A US Secret Service special agent supporting the Vice President’s departure from Joint Base Andrews began displaying behaviour their colleagues found distressing.

“The US Secret Service takes the safety and health of our employees very seriously.”

Guglielmi confirmed medical personnel was asked to intervene due to a “medical matter” but he would not disclose “any further details.”

The Secret Service spokesman said the vice president was informed about the clash afterwards.

The agents involved had been at the base to support Kamala Harris’s departure for New York City but the fight did not delay her travel plans.

According to a report into the incident, the armed agent who kicked off the fight suddenly became aggressive toward colleagues.

The altercation broke out after another special agent and a detail shift supervisor advised them to cool off, the report states.

The agent allegedly started to behave “erratically” after reaching Joint Base Andrews and started punching the special agent in charge of Harris after getting on top of him, according to RealClearPolitics.

Once colleagues managed to pull him off, the enraged agent was cuffed and received medical attention.

The report claimed concerns about the agent’s behaviour had already been raised in the past.


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