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Just Stop Oil protestors chain themselves to oil terminal pipes


Around 30 activists attached themselves to the pipes at Inter Oil Terminal in Grays, Essex at around 6.30am on Sunday, and have been at the location scene. Police have been trying to negiotate with the group, whose actions are also said to have caused disruption on roads across the south east.

Mitchell, one of the supporters of Just Stop Oil, uploaded a video to their official Twitter page this morning April 11 to reveal why they are protesting.

He said: “This marks hour 25 since we began the occupation of Grays Oil terminal. That is 25 hours of oil not entering the system, 25 hours of increased disruption to the oil infrastructure of this country.”

Another protestor, Ben, said in the video: “If you are feeling this disruption, and want to know how it can stopped, it stops when Boris Johnson makes a statement to stop all new oil to save the lives of billions.”

Other recent protests across have led to petrol stations running out of fuel nationwide.

Some members have glued their hands and feet to roads and locked themselves to tanker lorries, Essex Live says.

Hundreds of Just Stop Oil protestors were arrested last week amid the protest at another oil terminal, Exolum Storage, also in Grays.

In recent weeks, the climate group also staged a number of protests at Premier League football matches.

Just Stop Oil is demanding the cessation of all new oil licences in the UK.

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